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Real People. Real Service. Real Safety. 877-687-2299

K&J Integrated Systems.
Serving All Of New England.

K&J Integrated Systems is a full-service fire and security integrator serving greater New England. True integration delivers a single solution by combining multiple electronic systems. This creates synergy and cost savings, and most of all protects your valued assets.

Our customers receive personal service from dedicated and knowledgeable employees in our local office, as well as expert advice and workmanship from our technicians in the field. We focus on the customer’s needs and offer "Real People. Real Service. Real Safety."

Real People

K&J Integrated systems was built, and still thrives today, on our experienced core of valued team members.

Our technicians are not only extremely qualified, but concerned about your needs as well--and it shows.

Our office is not an anonymous 800 number in another state. We're local. We grew up here. We can identify with the needs of local businesses and families.

Real Service

Our main goal is to listen first, then deliver. Our technicians, consultants and office staff hear your concerns then provide advice and solutions based on your needs, instead of reciting products and features before you express your unique situation.

Without you and your loyalty, we wouldn't thrive. It truly is all about our customers, not just the products.

Even though much of the technology is the same in the industry, not all companies provide hands-on and personal service like K&J does.

Real Safety

We certainly prevent your physical assets from being stolen or vandalized. But we realize that your family or employees deserve priority and the highest level of protection.

It's all about your need to provide safety to those closest to you--not only to protect material possessions. We use top-notch and advanced methods to protect these replaceable items, and we also realize what matters the most in the end...people.