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Access Control

We recognize that access control, also known as entry management, is extremely important when protecting people and property. Access Control Systems promote a sense of safety among residents and employees in your community and/or workplace.

  • Know who went where, and when. Restrict access to certain areas and to certain employees within various timeframes.
  • Reduce costs, lessen your workload and ensure that data is safe.
  • Save time and money by avoiding expensive rekeys and lock changes.

Customized Access Control Solutions:

  • Using either a software or web-based system allows administrators to make changes and supervise your system from anywhere. This ensures that immediate changes can be made such as the de-activation of a security access credential at any time.
  • Intercom systems complete with video ensure that only people who are properly screened gain access to your building. View your subjects at the same time you are speaking with them.
  • Biometrics offer the ultimate in individual identity assurance. It can be used in combination with traditional access control, for higher-security areas, etc. This measure compensates for the possibility that an access card could be found and used for entry by the wrong person.
  • We offer scalable solutions to accommodate for single to multi-door projects, as well as multi-site installs and service.
  • To provide synergy and cost savings, we offer expert integration of access control with video, alarm and other security systems.

Safety and Flexibility with Access Control through Managed Services:

  • Lessen your IT workload and cost. We reduce dependence on a devoted IT employee and/or free up the time of your current IT personnel. This is because we handle the hosting and back up, and the service and maintenance that accompany them.
  • Reduce worries of data loss. With off-site data storage offered by K&J, you will never lose valuable information or undergo a security interruption.


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