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Advantages and Explanation of Remote Video Monitoring


You may have seen the commercials on television of people using remote video monitoring to view their pets, nannies, family members and more.

Remote video monitoring certainly provides these benefits, but if you’re a business owner, there are many other issues that you can use this tremendous feature to address.

Businesses need a more robust and functional remote video monitoring set-up in order to truly take advantage of this technology.  

Often times, the video that is produced in order to view pets in your home on your phone while away on vacation, or instance, is a 10-second video clip.  This is certainly fine for many families, but business owners may need more.

Facility Managers, business owners and other administrators need the security cameras that transmit remote video monitoring footage to be able to function in low and no light, for example.  

Talk to your security systems integrator to not only provide this low-light video, but to also view unlimited lengths of footage on the network while you are anywhere with an internet connection—not just short video clips.

Use the motion detector feature to save hard drive space.  Especially during second and third shift periods, you only need the video to record and subsequently alert you when there is motion in the cameras’ fields of view, not continuously.

Now we’ll discuss a few advantages that remote video monitoring provides businesses.

Save Time.  Think about all the fuel costs as well as man-hours that will be saved if travel can be reduced to perform duties such as training, employee monitoring and quality and customer service assurance.

View customer patterns in your retail locations, watch employees in order to offer training advice and monitor any questionable employee behavior as well—all without being physically present.

Prevent Shrinkage and other losses.  We all know that we can’t be everywhere at once.  Why not use loss prevention personnel in a central location to view many outlets at once, without having to be at these places personally.

Use the leverage of remote video monitoring to monitor many stock rooms, retail centers and more, all from one location.

If you have any questions about this powerful technology to improve your business’ bottom line, please contact K&J Integrated Systems.

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3 Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Fire Safety Provider


You hear these terms all the time:  consolidated provider, integrated systems, all-in-one, one-stop-shop…Well, clichés became so for a reason—they’re true and effective.

Such is the case when you’re looking to protect the lives of your employees or your loved ones.  This is not a time to shop for several different providers.

Having too many hands in the mix when it comes to knowing your fire safety needs intimately may not be the best idea.

Here are three reasons why you should consider using one single full-service fire safety provider:

1. First and foremost is familiarity.  We are talking about the most important protection for your employees and loved ones.  This is not protection against a break in and possible assets being stolen, although that is very important too.  This is protecting lives.

You want to have one full-service fire safety expert provider who knows all of your fire systems intimately—one who works with all of them, not just one.

For example, if you have a provider who tests, inspects and maintains your fire alarm, buy you have another who installs and services your fire sprinkler system, there may be one tiny detail missed which could lead to danger.

2. You need an expert to lean on for advice, not just service. Having a single full-service fire safety provider allows you to be able to pick up the phone and call one company for advice.  

If you have a question, and you’re not a fire safety expert, then who do you call for which issue? You don’t want the run-around where a company says, “We don’t handle that.  You have to call the other people.

Fire safety is not an area to have any doubts about.  You need an advisor, not just a service provider.  Know that you are with someone who will know all of your needs and be able to counsel you on fire safety.

3. You will be able to save money by having one single provider.  

Just think of it from their perspective.  If they can make one trip to your location and be able to check out and possible provide service for your fire alarm, fire sprinkler systems and kitchen fire suppression systems all at once, they’ll be saving on time and travel.  This savings will be passed on to you.

There are many other ways to save by having one single full-service fire safety provider, but savings certainly isn’t the most important issue here.

You are potentially saving the lives of many people close to you.  So you need a trusted and expert provider who can handle all of your needs as well as advise you.

Contact K&J Integrated Systems for a free consultation.  

3 Advantages of Off Site Data Hosting & BackUp


There are many ways nowadays to label the process of ensuring that your data is backed up and safe.

It can be “hosted” elsewhere other than your servers, backed up in the cloud or on hardware, and more.

The bottom line to business owners who need to protect their data, is that there other benefits as well.  So they not only can achieve the peace of mind by having precious data backed up, but they can also enjoy the other advantages listed below.

We will focus mostly on the field of security data being backed up, such as with access control systems which keep your facility safe.

Lessen Your employees’ workload

Although using a third-party such as K&J Integrated Systems for hosting and and managed services may seem like a threat to your IT department, it can actually be an enormous benefit.

If your IT workforce was able to spend time on other more crucial duties besides data back up, these other important functions could have more attention paid to them.

And as for office managers and other administrators who may handle the complete function of running an access control system, their time can also be better served on other priorities.

No longer will they have to make sweeping changes regarding access to certain areas of your facility or deactivate employees’ access cards.  Your third party hosting company can handle these time consuming issues.

Prevent Data Loss

As mentioned above, many administrators can identify with the need to protect their data from power outages or surges, viruses, etc.

This is a default benefit to having off-site hosting by a third party like K&J Integrated Systems.  By nature, your data is stored elsewhere, so dangers to your own network can be mitigated.

Free up Space on Your Network

This is another wonderful benefit to removing the burden that large amounts of data can put on your network.

The very fact that your hosting is accomplished elsewhere for things like your access control system can save you money and time.  And what are more important needs of many businesses today?

Your network will be more expedient, it will have room to handle other important IT functions and you will save on storage costs.

So please consider remote hosting and back-up of data such as your access control systems with K&J Integrated Systems in Burlington, MA.