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Video Surveillance

With technology advancing more quickly than ever, you need to be partnered with an expert in video surveillance in order to receive top-notch installation and equipment. We are your advisor and will ensure that you continually adapt to inevitable changes in video surveillance technology.

K&J Integrated Systems will be here when you need to upgrade, repair and add to your existing security camera system. Don’t have security cameras? You’re in the right hands. K&J will consult with you to design, install and service a video surveillance system to suit your needs.

Upgrade Your Security Cameras

Do you have analog cameras that display a grainy image? Are you capturing images but can’t quite make out the identity of the person in question? Would you like to view your footage from anywhere with internet access and not have to be in front of your recorder? Are your existing cameras low-quality that were purchased at a box store or on the internet and not installed by an expert?

Then it’s time to talk to K&J Integrated Systems about IP security cameras and megapixel resolution. You can achieve greater coverage by installing 180 or 360-degree IP security cameras, for instance.

Ensure Your Employees and Assests are Safe, Avoid Shrinkage

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company, so you need to provide the safety they deserve by having adequate video coverage.

Simply having cameras installed at the workplace is major deterrent and loss prevention method. With cameras that provide quality footage, you are able to review past incidents and prevent future occurances.

Handle Varying Levels of Light

Do you need advice on how to handle the fluctuating light levels in your environment? Maybe there’s a loading dock door that opens frequently and the resulting light causes a “bleaching” effect. Or the varying lighting in your office due to sunny days or overnight darkness requires the proper technology. Are your cameras equipped for low and no light?

Save Time and Resources

With remote video monitoring, key personnel can view employees, customers and vendors from any location with internet access. Reduce the need to travel from site to site. Save on fuel expenses. Save on time.

Create synergy with your various security systems

K&J is a true security integrator. We will ensure that your security systems are integrated to achieve a synergistic effect. For example, your access control system can trigger security cameras to record when people swipe their cards at door readers.

Achieve efficiency with wireless solutions

We will install a private wireless network to transmit your video safely and efficiently from point to point. For more information on this technology see our information regarding wireless technology.


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