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Why Choose K&J Integrated Systems

  • We are your local provider with a personal touch. You will not receive a call center rep when you call us. Our “real” people will answer the phone and provide the personal service you deserve.
  • Our owners entered the electrical and security business as technicians. They did not buy or found a company solely for profits. Just the opposite. They've known our customers for years and truly care about their safety.
  • We are true Integrators. This term has become misused and under-utilized in the security industry. We truly customize your systemz to work synergistically, efficiently and to provide you savings.
  • We don’t have a sales force that masks itself as “consultants”. Our skilled and field-experienced employees who meet with you are experts.
  • We offer true advice and a consultative approach for all of your security needs. We are an advisor; not just an installer.
  • We deliver a true “soup-to-nuts” product and service. There is no need to have other providers involved to achieve the total security, fire and electrical solution—we handle the entire process from design, installation and service. Establish trust with us and receive the benefits.

K&J Integrated Systems believes in a “prevent instead of treat” approach. Why wait until there’s been a security breach until you install security measures? Let’s prevent it from happening in the first place by applying the proper solution for your needs.

National companies may not provide the personal service that you seek and customization that you deserve. Small companies may lack the breadth of products and services you that you require. K&J Integrated Systems is the best choice for fire, security and electrical systems integration.


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