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Create a Safe Environment with Intercom.

K&J makes it possible to screen potentially dangerous entrants who could cause harm to those in your facility. We also make it easy to allow access to authorized visitors, vendors, employees and residents. We offer several choices including hands-free or handsets, LCD interfaces and push-button entry options. Customize with various design options such as multiple master stations and substations and the ability to filter out background noise.

Bolster the Safety of Your Facility with Video Intercom.

With Video Intercom systems, users are able to not only screen their potential entrants verbally, but they can also view them via video. The camera can either be built into the intercom unit itself, or a detached security camera can be mounted with a field of view covering the entryway.

It is vital to monitor visitors with video intercom, you can both hear them and also witness their demeanor. This makes it possible to verify the identity of the visitor with video, as opposed to simply relying on their voice.

With IP video-based intercom units, the footage can be viewed from remote locations as well as the original location. This is because the image is placed on the network and can be viewed over the internet from virtually anywhere.

This is particularly effective when a local desk is not manned. An employee in a faraway location can perform the screening.

Schools, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings and commercial office buildings are the ideal candidates for intercom systems—with or without video.

Another benefit of video intercom is that screeners will be able to discern if the entrant is allowing another to follow behind him or her. If a visitor is allowed access and there is not video, other unauthorized people can enter as well.


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